Convert a Twine game to a gamebook

How to use this tool

  1. Use Twine to write an adventure:
    • Don't use any features that don't translate to print media: e.g. video, custom javascript, etc.
    • Use Markdown to format your text.
    • Consider putting links at the bottom of each passage and wording them appropriately, e.g. Do you [[fight the orc->fight]] or [[run away->run]]. Twinebook will add text after each link e.g. (turn to 17) for you.
  2. When you're happy with your story, use "Publish to file" to make a HTML file.
  3. Upload that HTML file using the form above to receive a printable "gamebook" version!
  4. The passage marked "start story here" will always be the first entry in your gamebook. The other passages will be shuffled randomly.

Advanced usage